The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that the primary source of Sun Safety Education is in schools and that the secondary source of education is through recreational and sporting activities. The CDC also acknowledges that educational programs and curricula in schools alone are inadequate to stop the rising rates of Skin Cancer in America. They recommend prevention and education efforts in schools are supported and reinforced by skin cancer prevention interventions in recreation, sports, and community settings.

That is why CCMAC is engaged in, and supports a systemic approach to Prevention and Education. The Be Sun Smart ® message is heard and reinforced in schools, at sporting, recreational and other events in the community. The primary target of CCMAC’s prevention and awareness campaign is to educate children and young adults in the secondary school systems of Long Island and throughout New York. 80% of sun exposure occurs before the age of 18 and is a determining factor in ones risk for Melanoma later in life. This is one of the reasons that CCMAC has targeted the children to hear its message “Be Sun Smart®”. In addition many of the children become CCMAC’s Ambassadors of Skin Cancer Prevention, bringing the message back to their families, telling them about the dangers of unprotected sun exposure and how to protect one’s self from the rays of the sun on a daily basis, throughout the year. CCMAC since it’s inception has been very active delivering presentations in health education classes and providing in-services as well as print and video materials for health education and nursing professionals of school districts, so they too can spread CCMAC’s message of “Be Sun Smart”.

Letters From The Children, In There Own Words

Thank you for your special visit to our class, I learned a lot from you and the video. I’m sorry about your daughter. I do know now that I will wear protection.                                    

Sincerely, Yarden 


Thank You very much for coming in and informing us with the dangers of Melanoma. It was a very educational and made me aware so now I’m going to be extra careful. I will dress appropriately and put on sun block continuously. I never knew how bad the sun was until you came in and taught us all about it. I appreciate it very much and it was a pleasure having you here and learning all about skin cancer. I will watch out for the sun and I also told my family and showed them the booklets. They also appreciated it very much and became aware of the dangers. I look forward to learn more about skin cancer and the dangers.                                      

Sincerely, Jamie 


I just wanted to say thank you for coming to my school. It taught me to make sure to wear sun protection. Last night I found out my mom had melanoma, but she got it removed in time. I’m kind of worried now that it may be in my genes, but now I know that my skin is more sensitive than I thought.                        

Thank You, Abby 


I am very glad you came in and told us about Melanoma. It was a very informative lesson. I was very interested because I go on a lot of vacations and I don’t put sun tan lotion on and I now know that I should put lotion on because it could lead to Melanoma.                                       

Sincerely, Melody 


Thank you for coming into our class and talking about Melanoma. It was very interesting and I have learned a lot. For example, Melanoma could be a mole that changes color or shape. It is very dangerous. As soon as I came home, I told my family. They were very impressed of what I learned I really want to go to a dermatologist to check my body and check if I have Melanoma. I will also try and wear sunscreen more often. I hope more people will know about Melanoma and that it is a serious and dangerous cancer. 

Sincerely, Doreen


Thank you for the wonderful presentation you gave. I know how to protect myself from the sun. I am sorry about your daughter. I hope your message of this skin cancer touches other people like it touched me.                                                                                                                                                                

Sincerely, Francesco


Thank you so much for giving us that talk on Melanoma and for the booklet too, otherwise I would not know how to spell it. Now I will always put cream with sunscreen in it. I am also very sorry that your daughter Colette died. It must be really hard for you to say it over and over again. I will pray for her and everyone else who have or have died from skin cancer.                                                                                                           

Thank You, Jenna


I want to say thank you for taking your time to tell us about Melanoma. I’ve learn to wear sunscreen and sunglass. I’m also glad that you told me about how deadly the disease can be, and I promise you I’ll tell my entire friends about it Melanoma and tell them how to prevent it. So thank you very much!               

Yours Truly, Diana


Thank you for your time and for giving me some life saving information. I learned a great deal today and am grateful for it.                                                                                                   

Love Ellen


Thank you for all your help. And for sharing with us your past experience. You made a difference in my life and others, too. I wish you the best in life ad lots of luck in the future.     

Sincerely, Frankie


Thank you very much for the presentation. I really appreciate it. I’m very sorry for your daughter. I will try my best to prevent myself of getting the skin cancer. I think it’s great that you are going to different schools to tell them to stay out of the sun. Thank You Again.                                  

From Justin


I am grateful you warned us about skin cancer. I appreciate the time you spent with us and all you have taught us.                                                                                                               

Sincerely, Chris