Village of New Hyde Park Community Day

CCMAC participated in the Village of New Hyde Park Community Day. The event took place Saturday September 14th 2019 in Memorial Park, NHP.

CCMAC with the assistance of Belaray Dermatology was able to provide FREE Skin Cancer Screenings to attendees. SPECIAL THANKS to Amrit Kumar PA-C (Board Certified PA) who conducted the FREE Screenings all day long. Those screened were overheard commenting how the screening they received was on of the most thorough they had ever received. CCMAC and the NHP Community thanks Amrit Kuma PA-C for his service and expertise.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Jefferey Ellis, founder of Belaray Dermatology consistently dedicates his time, and that of his team to provide FREE Screenings in the community. Without them their would be none. CCMAC greatly appreciates their commitment to Preventing Skin Cancer, as well as providing cutting edge treatment to those who have been diagnosed with some form of it.

CCMAC and Metro Plus at the Coney Island Aquarium

CCMAC was grateful to be invited by Metro Plus Community Heath Plan Partners to participate in a Health and Wellness Day, June 15th 2019 at the Coney Island Aquarium.

It was a special day for Families and Fathers as thousands passed through the turn styles of the Aquarium. Many of the participants commented that they really hadn’t heard anything about the dangers of unprotected sun exposure and were grateful for the information. In addition, many people of color who CCMAC spoke to commented that they didn’t think they were at risk due to their darker skin color. All were grateful for the information.

CCMAC Thanks Metro Plus Community Health Inc. for the invitation and the public service they provided.

CCMAC Provides Shade Structures to Oyster Bay’s James H. Vernon Middle School

CCMAC provided two portable shade structures (pictured below) to the James H Vernon Middle School located in Oyster Bay, NY. Truth be told all the hard work was & continues to be done by Caleigh O’Toole, and her two brothers Colin & Sean.

The O’Toole family have been personally touched by Skin Cancer / Melanoma. On March 29th 2010 their Aunt Bonnie passed away as a result of Melanoma Skin Cancer. Caleigh, Colin, Sean and their parents have long been involved in raising awareness regarding the dangers of unprotected sun exposure, and preventing Skin Cancer / Melanoma. They have been raising awareness for years, especially in their local school district.

CCMAC is honored to know the O’Tooles and grateful for their commitment and hard work. The O’Tooles have certainly saved lives by securing these Shade Structures and spreading the Be Sun Smart message!