Over the years CCMAC has engaged in several major initiatives and hundreds of activities to raise awareness regarding the dangers and causes of Skin Cancer / Melanoma. We have accomplished much, and have undoubtedly saved lives. Ideally, we would like to say with certainty how many lives were saved, or how many children and adults changed their behaviors and as a result were never diagnosed with Skin Cancer or Melanoma, or how many families were spared the pain and suffering of losing a loved one from a preventable illness. However, successful prevention efforts are difficult and costly to measure. Therefore, listed below are some of the more tangible accomplishments, awards and recognition that CCMAC has received over the years.

For more information regarding CCMAC’s work and accomplishments, please download or view online CCMAC’s Journals published by year starting in 2001 – 2010. The journals provide documentation of many of CCMAC’s accomplishments over the years.

1999: Students Teaching Others Prevention (S.T.O.P) Initiative.
CCMAC’s first and longest running initiative Students Teaching Others Prevention (S.T.O.P), has been educating middle and high school age students, their teachers, principals and superintendents for eleven years. CCMAC began speaking in school systems all across the island bringing the message “Be Sun Smart”, and disseminating the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Sun Wise program.

1999: Miles for Melanoma Walk (a.k.a., Steps to Stop Skin Cancer)
In 1999, CCMAC in association with the Great Neck Public School System, Ms. Kathy Walters, coordinator of Health Education at Great Neck North and Ms. Jennifer Dipalo, Health Education Teacher at Great Neck North and Mr. Dennis Sulinski of the Health Education Department of Great Neck South and their many dedicated students held their first Miles for Melanoma Walks. The GNS Public School System would go on to hold five walks (1999 – 2004) as part of CCMAC’s school based “S.T.O.P.”, Students Teaching Others Prevention initiative. It was these first five walks which grew into the Mile for Melanoma 5K Run / Walks currently being held in Eisenhower Park, East Meadow, NY.

2001: FOLIO Award Winning Health Care Campaign
CCMAC collaborated with Cablevision & News Channel 12’s Community Affairs Division to produce a FOLIO Award Winning Health Care Campaign that addressed the increasing risks of skin cancer and melanoma on Long Island. Three part Public Service Announcement (PSA) series focused on prevention, detection and self-examinations.

2002: Award winning TV Programming re: Melanoma Skin Cancer
Collaborated with Telecare, TV Programming and Valerie Forte regarding the Production of National Award Winning “On Long Island – Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness”, and with Rose Aloi Russo of Telecare, TV Programming regarding the production of the story of Melanoma “Through A Woman’s Eyes” which portrays this illness as experienced by a patient and mothers of those touched by Melanoma.

2003: CCMAC and the EPA’s SunWise Program
CCMAC introduces the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “SunWise Program during a presentation at Mercy Hospital to over 200 School Nurses, Teachers, and Physical Education Professionals.

2004: CCMAC’s Little League Dugout Initiative Begins
Realizing the need to provide shade protection and sunscreen to the youth of long island while playing sports outdoors, CCMAC funded the installation of dugouts, and provided sunscreen for the East Meadow Baseball & Softball Association.

2005: CCMAC Receives AAD Golden Triangle Award
CCMAC Receives the Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Golden Triangle Award in recognition of their community education initiatives regarding the dangers of Skin Cancer/Melanoma.

2005: CCMAC and Tanning Restrictions for Minors
CCMAC successfully lobbied for laws regarding the use of tanning beds by minors. Nassau County would pass the “Colette Coyne Skin Cancer Prevention Law” and Suffolk would pass the Colette Coyne Melanoma Awareness Law, each restricting the use of tanning beds by minors. Shortly after these laws went into effect Westchester County also passed similar legislation.

2005: 1st Long Island Miles for Melanoma Walk Held
Over 300 people attended the first Island Wide Miles for Melanoma Walk, held in Eisenhower Park, East Meadow, NY.

2005: CCMAC Partners with Suffolk County Parks Department
CCMAC partnered with the Suffolk County Parks department offering free skin cancer screenings, and providing education to increase awareness at Suffolk County parks and beaches.

2006: CCMAC’s Produces PSA Viewed by 825,000.
Cablevision airs CCMAC’s new Public Service Announcement (PSA) on the dangers of Tanning Beds, reaching 825,000 households and businesses. The PSA has been requested from as far away as Australia, and is used at the MAYO clinic to help educate patients.

2006: CCMAC and the Special Olympics
CCMAC receives the Special Olympics Award for Sun Safety Awareness

2006: New York State Passes Tanning Law
New York State Passes Tanning Bed Law, sponsored by Senator Fuschillo & Harvey Weisenberg. The law restricts the use of tanning beds by minors.

2007: FREE Skin Cancer Screenings
CCMAC in partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering Dermatology, Hauppauge and Stony Brook Hospital Dermatology, and the New York State Parks Department hold their first Free Skin Cancer Screening at Jones Beach State Park. Summer 2010 will be the fourth annual skin cancer screening held at Jones Beach.

2007: CCMAC Receives 2nd AAD Golden Triangle Award
The American Academy of Dermatology awarded CCMAC their second Golden Triangle Award for CCMAC’s PSA on “Danger of Tanning Beds” inspired by Mark Rogan of Honey Advertising.

2008: Long Island Conference on Skin Cancer Prevention.
CCMAC in partnership with OSI Pharmaceuticals sponsored the very first Long Island Conference for medical and other professionals on Skin Cancer Prevention, held at the Fox Hollow Country Club.

2009: CCMAC Collaborates With Commerce Plaza
CCMAC in collaboration with Commerce Plaza reached ing 4000 students and 200 Long Island School Districts

2009: Jones Beach Air Show and Free Skin Checks
CCMAC in collaboration with the OSI Pharmaceutical Foundation reached an estimated 400,000 attendees with their BE SUN SMART® message, and through the efforts of Dr. Ted Daly spectators were offered the opportunity to have their skin check on both days.

2009: CCMAC’s Be Sun Smart® Soccer Initiative Begins
Similar to CCMAC’s Dugout Initiative which began 2004, CCMAC’s Be Sun Smart® Soccer Initiative seeks to provide education and awareness to soccer athlete’s, their parents, coaches and league administrators regarding the dangers of unprotected sun exposure, and their role in ensuring their athletes have the right equipment e.g., shade covering and sunscreen, to play safe in the sun. The initiative has reached over 15,000 athletes and their families, and counting.

For more information regarding CCMAC’s work and accomplishments, please download or view online CCMAC’s Journals below, published by year starting in 2001 – 2010. The journals provide documentation of many of CCMAC’s accomplishments over the years.

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