2011 School Based

CCMAC & Seaford Middle School  

The health teachers and physical education teachers at Seaford Middle School dedicated a whole day of gym classes to eduate their students on how to be safe in the sun. Pictured below left to right, are Mr. Berto, Ms. Kaplan, Mrs. Coyne and Ms. Cerasi.  Pictured below right are Mrs. Coyne and Mrs. Kaplan.

Berto Nancy Colette and Cara sf Mrs Coyne and Mrs Kaplan sf

Pictured below left are students listening attentively to Mrs. Coyne’s presentation on the dangers of unprotected sun exposure and how to Be Sun Smart! Pictured below right are students lining up to view their skin using the Derma Scan.

Mrs Colette Coyne and Very Attentive Students Line to view their own skin in the derma scan



CCMAC & Notre Dame University in South Bend

Colette Coyne traveled to Notre Dame University in South Bend Indiana to provide education regarding the dangers or unprotected sun exposure and tanning salons. Pictured below are students preparing for a Be Sun Smart Day on the campus of Notre Dame.

Students preparing for Sun Smart Day at ND


Be Sun Smart!