Melanoma and Breast Cancer, A Cross Education Initiative

Preventing Cancer Together

CCMAC for the past two years has been providing video and print educational and awareness materials to both the public and professionals in attendance at the annual Mauer Breast Cancer Foundation sponsored conference on Breast Cancer. CCMAC commends the Mauer Foundation for their continuing efforts against breast cancer and recognizing the need for cross education efforts regarding all cancers. We are also very grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of their annual conference as well as their annual “Run / Walk for Mom”. Cancer Prevention and Awareness Campaigns must be expanded to educate the public about the many dangers they face in their day-to-day lives.

The message of being Sun Smart takes on an even more significant meaning to those women who are being treated for Breast Cancer, as some medications and radiation increases their risks in the sun.

In addition CCMAC was able to participate in the Mauer Foundations Annual Run / Walk for Moms, and provide educational awareness materials and Sun Screen to the many who were running and walking in the sun that day.

Colette Coyne Sr. at CCMAC’s information booth (below) at the Annual Mauer Breast Cancer Foundation Sponsored Conference at the Long Island Marriott.


Colette Coyne Sr. and Thomas Coyne (below) staff the CCMAC information booth at the Mauer Breast Cancer Foundation Sponsored Run / Walk for Moms.