Team O’Hara


Team O’Hara

Frank Ohara 2009

A Little About Frank O’Hara, and Team O”Hara:

We formed our team, Team O’Hara, back in 2010 after losing our Dad, Frank O’Hara, to melanoma.  He passed at 74 years old. When we found out he had melanoma on his scalp it had already spread to his lungs.  He survived 2 years and never complained. We made a bucket list for him and he accomplished a lot the first year.  Things changed the last 9 months so we brought him up from Florida and we cared for him.  He passed in my home on April 14,2010.  Our lives will never be the same, he was the icing on the cake in our family.

While my Dad was newly diagnosed, my Sister Eileen O’Hara Piscola, was also diagnosed with stage 1 Melanoma.  Thankfully she found it early.   My Dad saved her life as she went to the dermatologist after we found out about our Dad having melanoma.  She had missed a few years due to being a new Mom of 2 children; she had put it off.  Thank God she is here to raise her beautiful children.

Team O’Hara has been effected by this terrible disease not only a second time but three times. We just lost our favorite Uncle, Jerry Allen, to this terrible disease.   He was diagnosed in December and passed away on January 16, 2015. He was 74 years old the same age as our Dad his brother in law. Uncle Jerry was taken so quickly.  He was not given a chance to fight it.  He had melanoma 12 years prior and they assume it re-occurred.  He never even finished being worked up before he passed.  We are in shock. Our lives have been effected tremendously by his horrible disease.  A day at the beach will ever be the same.  I try to enjoy it but I am stricken by such fear of one of my children becoming a victim of melanoma.  My job now is to educate people about skin cancer; many people are still in the dark.  They think it will not happen to them or they are unaware that it can kill you.



Melanoma has had a terrible impact on our family, and has changed our lives forever. The money raised will help CCMAC continue their extraordinary efforts to educate people, make a difference, and save lives, preventing other families from losing a loved one to this terrible disease, Melanoma.

Myself, my children, my husband , my sisters and friends will all walk in Memory of the two most wonderful men  we were blessed with in our lives Frank and Jerry.  We also walk in Honor of Eileen Piscola as we are blessed she did not lose her life to this disease.

Join us and help make a difference in the lives of so many.

Team Captain: Colleen O’Hara Buckshaw

Team Members: Colleen O’Hara Buckshaw and You!

Janet O’Hara — Kenneth Bravaman — Pamela Arcuri —




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