Making Free Skin Cancer Screenings Possible

Without the support, dedication and volunteerism of Dermatologist Who Care, CCMAC would not be able to provide FREE Skin Cancer / Melanoma Screenings in the Community. CCMAC and the Long Island Community are very grateful and appreciative of all the doctors who take time away from their daily practices to provide this much needed service in the community. We are grateful for the expertise and dedication of the doctors listed below!!

Dr. Ashfaq A. Marghoob Memorial Sloan Kettering Hauppauge, NY

Dr. Ashfaq A. Marghoob

Dr. Jennifer DeFazio Memorial Sloan Kettering Hauppauge, NY

Dr. Jennifer DeFazio

Dr. Steve McClain McClain Laboratories Smithtown, NY

Dr. Steve McClain

Dr. Ted Daly Garden City Dermatology Garden City, NY

Dr. Ted Daly

Dr. Jeff Ellis Belaray DermatologyPlainview NY

Dr. Jeff Ellis

Dr. Scott Flugman Huntington Dermatology Huntington, NY

Dr. Scott Flugman

Cameron 135

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar