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Bonnie McCarthy

01/15/1949 – 03/29/2010

A Little About Bonnie McCarthy

As a child, my mother spent countless summers vacationing at Rockaway Beach in Queens. The beach was her haven. She was happiest in the ocean. She worshipped the sun; her vibrant red hair and freckles would come alive. A carefree childhood filled with perfect summer memories made my mother the energetic, warm, and wonderful woman she was. But like so many others, my mom remained in the dark to the dangers of the sun for too long.

Bonnie was first diagnosed with Melanoma in her early thirties, a mole on her upper leg. As a precaution, the decision was made to remove the lymph nodes in her groin. Ten years later, a freckle on her back was detected as cancerous and the Melanoma was successfully operated on. Two years had passed; Bonnie found a lump under her arm. It was removed along with her lymph nodes. The tumor appeared twice again shortly after and was promptly removed both times. The outcome was positive and after ten years, we were told my mother was cured.

For eleven years, my mother lived cancer free, until the spring of 2007. After finding a lump in her abdomen, she discovered her Melanoma had returned and had also metastasized to her brain, lungs, and kidneys. She bravely endured radiation, numerous rounds of chemo, several clinical treatments, and even surgery, all the while hopeful that one would be the answer to our prayers. For three long years, Bonnie remained strong and fought the disease, but there wasn’t anything that seemed to work the way it should have. On March 29, 2010, my mother passed away in our home surrounded by family.

Under an umbrella, bathed in SPF, and never without a t-shirt in the pool, my mother made sure my summers were filled with perfect memories. She battled Melanoma to the very end to share even more memories with my father and me. To the greatest Mom, a devoted wife, our best friend, we miss you every day.

-Kara McCarthy

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