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William E. Rutkoske

A Little About William E. Rutkoske

On October 19, 2011, my dad passed away from melanoma. He was diagnosed with stage four in 2004.

He was a very private man who lived his life by four principles – work hard, take pride in your work, do the right thing, and take care of your family. Maybe it’s from growing up on a farm and the challenges of farm life but his family was known for being hard workers.

Although private, he took an interest in the people his family knew throughout all areas of their lives, both personal and professional, from afar. His favorite thing in life was to listen and watch his kids and grandchildren – whether it be playing sports, spending countless hours watching our games and cheering us all on or hearing and watching from the sidelines as we grew from kids to adults.

He once wrote in a letter “Be faithful to friends, kind and considerate and never, never forget your family or where you came from. If you combine all of the above – that is happiness and success.”

Without a doubt, my dad fought and did not want to leave his family when he did, but I do know he had a ‘happy’ life. In it’s final stages, melanoma is a devastating cancer and the sooner a cure can be found the better. Please join me to help raise awareness regarding melanoma and help support those that are fighting today.



Team Captain: Lisa Rutkoske 

Purpose: To help prevent others from losing a loved one to this terrible disease, Melanoma.

Target Goal: We are happy to raise whatever we can, every little bit helps 🙂



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